Hi :) I'm Samantha, 22 year old nursing student from the middle of no where Pennsylvania, USA.

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pi day fun facts: i memorized 434 digits of pi in the sixth grade to beat a kid who claimed he knew 500 just bc he was an asshole

he knew six

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today I learned that if you want to slash someone’s tires, don’t slash all four; only slash three because if you slash all four their insurance will pay for it but if you only slash three they have to pay for it all out of pocket 


today on satan makes a blog post

in other news if someone slashes your tires but only slashes 3, slash the remaining tire so your insurance will pay for it instead of paying out of pocket.

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reblogging for the Rape Garden that i will now never un-see thanks a lot

I’m just pissed the Spice Girls weren’t the muses now

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Watch it in video

interesting how the answers change as the men get younger

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